Natural Sciences

The natural sciences are the means by which we examine our universe and search for solutions to many of humankind's most pressing problems. From subatomic to cosmic levels, these fields contribute to our understanding of our place in this world as individuals and as a species. Studies encompass atoms, molecules, chemicals, compounds, plants, animals, humans, the Earth, matter, and energy. Holding these disciplines together are mathematics and statistics, the language of science.


From fighting disease to creating sustainable energy sources, the advances coming out of the natural sciences fields will continue to improve our lives and stir our imaginations.

Natural Sciences Chair
Biology Dr. Dwayne Simmons
Chemistry and Biochemistry Dr. Patrick Farmer
Environmental Science Dr. George Cobb
Geosciences Dr. Stacy Atchley
Mathematics Dr. Frank Mathis, Interim
Physics Dr. Dwight Russell, Interim
Psychology and Neuroscience Dr. Charles Weaver
Statistical Science Dr. Jack Tubbs