The National Institutes of Health has awarded two Baylor University researchers a $1.46 million grant to research and test new compounds that could help fight cancerous tumors. Read More
Cancer Grant

Despite the current status of the profession, the department of Journalism and Media Arts is thriving, maintaining strong enrollment and successfully placing graduates across a number of jobs. Read More

Brave New World

Greg  Garrett, professor of English, examines this issue of faith and culture through  the story of the well-known music group, U2, in his book We Get to Carry Each Other. Read More

Rock and Roll

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences garnered a variety of prestigious awards and scholarships this year. Read More

Chris Hansen, a film professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, has combined his love of storytelling and digital media into a film career. His latest film "Endings," released is a feature-length drama that tells the story of three strangers who meet and discover they are all dying on the same day. Read More
Endings for Web

Two Baylor University researchers have received a $200,000 grant from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) to study a series of compounds that could be toxic against human cancer cells. Read More
Those who view the life-size color photographs in her exhibition What I Keep will look into the eyes of 20 people who have many struggles and few possessions. Mullally, an assistant professor of art at Baylor University, shot individual portraits -- with each person holding a keepsake -- beneath Interstate 35 in Waco. Read More
Hard Lives

Baylor's Biology department has been chosen by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) to join the Science Education Alliance, which will engage Baylor students in scientific discovery on a national scale.
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Bio Grant

Some Islamic extremists use scripture promises as a recruiting tool when seeking suicide terrorists. These scriptures -- besides condoning suicide in the name of righteousness -- can be a powerful lure by offering love and romance for a person with slim chances of marriage, writes Dr. Bradley Thayer. Read More
Boy Meets Girl

Stephanie Dean, R.D., L.D., B.S. Nutrition Science '05, introduces the physical to the spiritual in her book and Bible study, Fit to Serve.
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Berries Again

Baylor's Film and Digital Media division in the College of Arts and Sciences will present the 11th annual Black Glasses Film Festival on April 23, 2010 at 7 p.m. The event will take place at the Waco Hippodrome (724 Austin Avenue). Read More

Over the past year, the students and professors from the College of Arts and Sciences have made four significant discoveries that attracted national attention. Read More

For one faculty member, the dream of working within the fashion world began during afternoons spent at the Baylor Bookstore with her grandparents. Now she is back at Baylor and passing on her passion for her craft to her students. Read More

Carnival is celebrated in ways unlike any holiday in America, yet the themes behind this Dutch festival bear resemblance to academic holidays like spring break or regional celebrations such as Mardi Gras in Louisiana. Read More

Dr. Joe Fulton, professor of English, has won an award for The Reconstruction of Mark Twain, a blend of biography, history and literary criticism of Twain. Read More

Baylor find that depression and anxiety are the mental illnesses that are dismissed the most often by clergy. Read More

A recent study by Dr. Jay Yoo finds that adolescents susceptible to peer pressure are more likely to start using tanning beds at early ages.
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Tanning Teens

The departments of Art and Theatre Arts have planned a full season of events for 2009-2010. Read More

A Baylor University researcher has found a set of genes that modulates stress responses that could cause some people to take drugs, specifically alcohol consumption. Read More

Stress Genes

The medical humanities program draws from philosophy and literature to help students understand the nature of illness and suffering from the patient's standpoint. Read More
Medical Humanties

With approximately one-fourth of the homes in the United States utilizing a septic tank system for on-site wastewater treatment, finding better ways to protect the surrounding environment and, ultimately, residents' drinking water are essential. Read More


Many recent changes in digital media bear Baylor's mark through the influence of professors who are deeply involved in studying and creating new technologies. Read More

Dr. Anthony Grafton will present the 2009 Beall-Russell Lecture in the Humanities on Monday, September 28 at 3:30 pm in room 510 of the Cashion Building. Read More

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We visited with Baylor's five Fulbright winners about their upcoming year abroad for teaching or research. Read More.

Professional writing major Claire Moncla travelled throughout Europe with Baylor in Maastricht. In a series of short essays, she find comparison and connection between customs and heritage abroad with those of the Baylor community. Read more.

Claire Moncla

History: A new book, "Money for Art: The Tangled Web of Art and Politics in American Democracy" by History professor David A. Smith, examines the relationship between the power of art and the force of politics and the intersection of their roles in a democracy. Read more.

Psychology: Four psychology professors have started a new community substance abuse and dependence education program that brings to the Waco area the first structured educational program taught by experts. Read more.

English: A collection of poems, including previously unpublished poems by former British Poet Laureate John Betjeman are finding new audiences thanks to the release of "Poems in the Porch," a volume edited by associate professor Kevin Gardner. Read more.

The Phoenix, Baylor's student-run literary magazine, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Read more.

Sociology: The second wave of the Baylor Religion Survey continues to offer more insight on Americans' faith and beliefs. The second wave offered an interesting look not just about beliefs in God or aliens but more detail on who these people are.

More on the Baylor Religion Survey.

Family and Consumer Sciences:
Housing the majors in fashion merchandising and fashion design, this department has placed many alumni into successful careers in the fashion and textiles industry.

More on Heather Cunningham and her company, Campus Couture.

Psychology and Neuroscience: The department's Psy.D. program was one of only two Psy.D. programs ranked nationally in 2001 and 2005 by U.S. News and World Report as being among the best clinical psychology programs in the United States.

Read more on Dr. Michael Frisch's research on positive psychology.

Air Force ROTC: This longstanding program combines scholarship and leadership while allowing students to pursue any major.

Read more on the detachment's recent recognitions.

Biology: This study, believed to be the first of its kind, involved undergraduate researchers.

Read more on the findings of this study.

Chemistry Researchers have found a new method by which crime scene investigators can determine the time since death on skeletal remains.


The Martin Museum The stewardship and mission of the Martin Museum of Art has been one of education and service. We are committed to bringing outstanding art exhibitions, speakers, and guest artists to Baylor University and to our Central Texas community.

Martin Museum

Physics Graduate and undergraduate students in physics at Baylor University experience the benefits of a major American university, large enough to support a superior academic program while still allowing opportunities only available within a close-knit community of scholars.

Sociology Graduate and undergraduate students in physics at Baylor University experience the benefits of a major American university, large enough to support a superior academic program while still allowing opportunities only available within a close-knit community of scholars.

Arts The fall semester brings a variety of visual and performing arts events. Get a look at all that's going on from art exhibits to plays and musicals.


Environmental Science What better place to learn about the environment than out in the environment? Students have had a variety of field study experiences in the US and abroad.
Environmental Science

Foreign Language Learning a new language can open up options you may not have thought about. See how these students used their language skills to have a semester abroad- for free.
Foreign Language

Geology The new Carlisle Geology building and the applied petroleum studies program are just two of the ways that this department provides a sound understanding of geology, geophysics and related fields.

Philosophy This major can teach you how to think critically, communicate persuasively, and solve problems creatively. Your first boss, whether you're in business, academics, health care or law, will love you for these skills.