The Mission and Values of the Baylor College of Arts & Sciences

The Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences exists to nourish students' individual lives, fostering their development as imaginative, engaged leaders who will use their skills and character to address the needs and challenges of the larger world.

The College of Arts & Sciences is the foundation upon which all Baylor students' educational experiences build. Skills in critical thinking, problem solving and oral and written communication are informed by introductory courses such as religion, literature, the arts, science, history and politics.

The College values:

  • The community of learning between professors and students.
  • A culture of discovery and application of knowledge in both traditional and emerging areas of study.
  • The commitment to civil society and the Christian values that undergird the academic community at Baylor.
  • An interdisciplinary mindset that acknowledges the “interconnectedness” of all the fields and professions represented in the College as well as understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Service learning, experiential learning and undergraduate research.
  • An awareness of the global community in which the university exists and striving to connect the classroom to the world.