BearWeb Degree Audit

Degree Audits are easy to access and important to review each semester to ensure you are on track for graduation. If you are interested in a different major, you can now view and print a "What If" audit by following the same steps as accessing your audit.

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Contact an Academic Advisor if you need information on which courses to take and in which semesters to schedule them. See the CASA website and University Advisement website for information about advisement.

How to read the audit.

The key to reading the audit is to scan the "YES" and "NO" column on the far left side. All requirements that are complete will have a "YES". (Some will have a "NA". These are also considered complete.) Incomplete requirements will show a "NO". In BearWeb, you can click on the box next to the "YES" or "NO" and the audit will take you directly to that requirement. Each requirement will list how many sub-requirements have been completed and how many are still needed. A "+" means the sub-requirement is complete. Incomplete sub-requirements will have a "-".

Some audits will have a "WORK NOT APPLICABLE" section. These courses are counting in the total hours and GPA; they're just not needed for the particular degree plan.

When you change your schedule, your degree audit will immediately reflect the change.