Degree Certification Office and Graduation

The Degree Certification Office in the College of Arts & Sciences can help you make sure that you understand all the steps necessary to successfully graduate from Baylor. They're located in Room 105 on the first floor of Burleson Hall.

Click here to complete a Data Form to declare or change your major or minor. Students in the 2018 catalog may not request a change of major to Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Neuroscience, or Psychology once classes begin. Students will be allowed to request a change of major at the end of the semester when final grades are posted. (Note: Changes to pre-professional advisement codes for pre-med or pre-dent, etc., must be filed in the Prehealth Studies Office in Room B.111 of the Baylor Sciences Building.)

When you’ve earned 90 or more hours, you will need to apply for graduation by the deadline posted in the undergraduate catalog. The Degree Certification Office will then be able to verify completion of requirements for degree certification and order your diploma. Click here to complete your Graduation Card.

105 Burleson Hall
Telephone: (254) 710-2200
Fax: (254) 710-1628

Mailing Address
Degree Certification Office
College of Arts & Sciences
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97344
Waco, TX 76798-7344

If you need information on taking part in a Baylor commencement ceremony, including ordering your cap and gown, attending Bear Faire or learning the dates and times of various upcoming ceremonies, visit Baylor's Commencement page.