Christian Heritage

The Christian Heritage Common Course Description

An introduction to Christian life and thought, from the early church to the present, through an examination of great texts with an emphasis on Christian doctrine, ethics, witness, and institutions.

As a common course providing all A&S students a shared foundation of knowledge through the study of the Christian heritage/tradition, this course will introduce students to the basic building blocks of the historic, living Christian faith.

Students will acquire a greater and deeper understanding of the broad development of Christianity, its theological convictions and practices (beliefs, ethics, witness, and institutions).

With this broader, more in-depth understanding of the Christian heritage/tradition, students will be better enabled and better equipped to have informed engagement with others from a Christian perspective—a critical dimension of a transformational Christian education.

The course, then, contributes to a transformational general education curriculum that facilitates the process of students becoming informed and productive citizens of a democracy and servant leaders of faith communities which highlights the cultivation of normative Christian virtues.


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