American Literary Cultures

American Literary Cultures Common Course Description

An introduction to the literature of the United States, from the colonial encounter to the 21st century. This course will emphasize the major works of American literature, by men and women, by authors from different regions of the United States, and by authors from the many cultural backgrounds that constitute the complex, global history of great writing in America.

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Spring 2022 Section Themes

American Literary Cultures: Spaces—Mary McCulley - ENG 2310. 01, 14, 28

American Literary Cultures: Intersections of Science and Literature—Sarah Tharp - ENG 2310.06

American Literary Cultures:  Dreams, Despair, Hopes, and Hauntings—Maura Jortner - ENG 2310.10, 18, 30

American Literary Cultures:  In Search of the Promised Land—Elizabeth Dell - ENG 2310.12, 22

American Literary Cultures:  Reading “Americanness”—Ryan Sharp - ENG 2310.20

American Literary Cultures: Has America Delivered on its “City on a Hill” Promise of Liberty and Justice for All? – Louise Powell - ENG 2310.23, 29, 36, 44

American Literary Cultures: Examining Social and Spiritual Realities through Literature—Jonathan Reynolds - ENG 2310.33, 38

American Literary Cultures:  Belonging—Nicole Bouchard - ENG 2310.39, 49

American Literary Cultures:  Nature and Revelation—Molly Lewis - ENG 2310.48


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