Scientific Method II

Scientific Method II Distribution List Description

The Grand Challenges in Science course will introduce students to a major global challenge in science from a multi-disciplinary approach. The “Grand Challenges” addressed in these courses should be topics that are compelling for both intellectual and practical reasons, that deal with roadblocks for progress in a field, and that will deliver significant payoff when progress is made. Using primary sources, discussion, and critical reasoning, students will examine the history and evidence of a particular challenge and examine solutions to the problem.

  • ANT 1307, The Evolution of Human Societies: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
  • BIO 1303, Human Ecology: Our Place in Nature
  • GEO 1306, The Earth Through Time
  • GEO 1307, Evolution and Extinction
  • GEO 1309, Origins of Habitable Worlds
  • PHY 3305, History of Invention and Technology
  • PSY 1305, Psychological Science: Understanding Human Behavior
  • STA/CSI 2300, Introduction to Data Science


  • One additional course from Scientific Method I: Course with Laboratory Experience Distribution List

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