Research Writing

Research Writing Distribution List Description

Students will learn and practice writing and research skills integral to academic, civic, professional or technical pursuits.

  • CLA 1304, From Ancient Rhetoric to Modern Research Writing
  • ENG 1310, Writing and Academic Inquiry Seminars
    Fall 2022 Civic Engagement Sections (more themes to come)
    • 1310.23, Humphreys
    • 1310.25, Kenley
    • 1310.36, Olsen
    • 1310.43, Olsen
  • ENV 43C2, Environmental Capstone
  • HIS 2395, History Workshop
  • PHI 1301, Introductory Topics in Philosophy
  • PHI 2305, Philosophy and Religion
  • PSC 3301, Scope and Methods of Political Science
  • REL 3305, Interpreting the Old Testament

English Placement 
Students should take the Directed Self-Placement (DSP) survey before registering for a course on the Research Writing Distribution List. The DSP survey asks questions about students' prior experiences with reading and writing to help guide them toward the most suitable writing course for them.


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