Contemporary Social Issues

Contemporary Social Issues Distribution List Description

Insights gained through the study of contemporary social issues take on a critical significance at a time when the world’s population is increasing rapidly and diverse societies and cultures are coming into closer contact, and in some cases, with intensifying conflict. Questions of class, civil society, gender, public health, justice, and identity continue to be pervasive in societies around the world today. Various methods of inquiry test for connections between the familiar and the exotic, the traditional and the contemporary, and the individual and the group. The general intent of this requirement is to provide an introduction to the social world, meant to serve as a foundation or starting point for further exploration of these topics through electives, major fields of study, and/or minors. We do regard the understanding of human relationships and their consequences to be the center of the Civic Engagement curricula. These courses provide a foundation for both the how and the why of civic engagement.

  • ANT 1306, Cultural Anthropology in the Global Context
  • ANT 1325, Introduction to Global Health
  • ANT 3320/ENV 3320, Environment and Social Behavior
  • ECO 1305, Issues in Economics for Non-Business Majors
  • ENV 2376, Environment and Society
  • ENV 4307/PSC 4307, Environmental Law
  • ENV 4310/ANT 4311, World Food Problems
  • LING 1305, Language in Society
  • PHI 1308, Contemporary Moral Problems
  • PSC 3300/ENV 3300, The Environment and Political Processes
  • REL 3390, Christian Ethics
  • REL 3394, War and Peace in the Christian Tradition
  • REL 3397, Gender, Feminism and Theology
  • REL 4349, The World's Religions and Violence
  • REL 4393/ENV 4393, Environmental Ethics
  • SOC 1305, Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 3311, The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
  • SWO 2320, Human Diversity and Leadership
  • WGS 2300, Women's and Gender Studies: An Introduction

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