Communication & Media Literacy

Communication and Media Literacy Distribution List Description

A democracy is dependent upon an informed and articulate citizenry. Effective oral and written communication consistently appears on polls showing desired attributes and core competencies of prospective employees. Students who are competent communicators and who understand the presence and influence of media in their lives and the lives of others will flourish in our world. In order for students to achieve competence, we propose a distribution list that will ensure students understand both media and human behavior. These courses in this list will highlight the importance of not only the message, but also the messenger. They will help students use communication media more effectively and to control better the media’s impact on themselves and others.

  • CSS 1301, Fundamentals of Public Communication
  • CSS 1302, Speech for Business and Professional Students
  • CSS 1304, Argumentation, Discussion and Debate
  • CSI 1337, Introduction to Video Game Design
  • FDM 1303/JOU 1303, Introduction to Mass Communication
  • FDM 4340, Media and Society
  • JOU 3387, International Communication
  • JOU 4305, Gender, Race & Media
  • JOU 4380, Law and Ethics of Journalism
  • PWR 2314, Introduction to Professional Writing and Rhetoric

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