Common Courses

List of Common Courses


Baylor students gather to worship together; to engage important issues of our day; and to be inspired by speakers, artists, academicians, and leaders from every vocation. What began as a single daily prayer service for all faculty, staff, and students has transformed over time to meet needs and respond to changes within the life of the university and the world at large.

Creative Arts Experiences

The goal of the Creative Arts Experience is to involve students actively in the fine arts community on campus preparing them for a deep and meaningful engagement with the fine arts throughout life.

During your time here at Baylor, we encourage you to attend as many fine arts experiences as you'd like in addition to fulfilling the academic core requirement.

American Literary Cultures

An introduction to the literature of the United States, from the colonial encounter to the 21st century. This course will emphasize the major works of American literature, by men and women, by authors from different regions of the United States, and by authors from the many cultural backgrounds that constitute the complex, global history of great writing in America.

The United States in Global Perspective

An introduction to the history of the United States within a global context from 1776 to the present, this course examines the ways a distinctly American society developed within larger patterns of world history. Themes explored may include nationalism; imperialism; revolution; concepts of democracy, freedom, and equality; migration and immigration; industrialization and economic systems; and global conflict.

The U.S. Constitution, Its Interpretation, and the American Political Experience

A study of the philosophic and historical background, development, and content of the United States Constitution and its interpretation by the Supreme Court in a complex and ever-changing multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and multi-religious society.

Christian Scriptures

An introduction to the Old and New Testaments (their contents, historical backgrounds, and major themes) and to appropriate strategies for interpretation of the Bible.

Christian Heritage

An introduction to Christian life and thought, from the early church to the present, through an examination of great texts with an emphasis on Christian doctrine, ethics, witness, and institutions.

Arts & Sciences Core Curriculum

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