Starting Fall 2019

A Message from Dean Lee Nordt

Dear students in the College of Arts & Sciences:

I'm pleased to report that after seven years of study and work by faculty, staff and students, a unified core curriculum for the BA, BFA, BS and BSAS degrees offered by the College of Arts & Sciences has been launched for the 2019-2020 school year. The core curriculum is an essential element of Baylor University's transformational undergraduate education pillar and represents a significant portion of your chosen degree. The unified core will:

  1. provide a shared foundation of knowledge drawn from the rich and diverse liberal arts tradition
  2. develop various skills necessary for the completion of an academic degree, but also essential for personal and professional life beyond Baylor; and
  3. inspire moral, intellectual and spiritual virtues.

The knowledge, skills and virtues you gain and cultivate within our community of Christian scholars will provide you with the resources you need to "uncover and recognize truth, to deepen your faith, to live virtuously, to strengthen your communities, and to affect the world in transformative ways." Good luck and God speed.


Dr. Lee C. Nordt

Dean, Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences

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