Proposing an Event

Proposals for Cultural Events Experiences (CEE’s) 2019-2020 academic year are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis.

Event Proposal Check List
  • Before submitting a proposal for a CEE, the sponsoring faculty member(s) should review the CEE Proposal Guidelines.
  • When submitting a proposal for a new event, the sponsoring department of each CEE will be responsible for assigning event attendance takers.
    • Sponsors of events with high seating capacities should consider ways to ensure that students remain throughout the entire presentations. For example, sponsors may choose to deny late arrivals, and may use an entrance/exit recording of attendance to ensure that students attend for the appropriate amount of time.
  • No CEE event will be approved unless the host department is able to comply with an approved method for recording attendance.


Please note that events must be submitted 30 days in advance to be considered for CEE approval.

Submit your proposal here.

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