Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Cultural Events Experience (CEE)? 

Though the term “cultural” is often construed broadly to include many aspects of human civilization, the Cultural Events Experience (CEE) at Baylor is intended for the fine arts, specifically art, music, theatre, film, and literature, with the additional focus of these arts as seen through the lens of world cultures. The CEE requirement was originally conceived and promoted by the fine arts departments at Baylor as a more inclusive and meaningful way to engage students in the arts than in previously required fine arts courses.

  1. How many events do I need to attend to graduate?

Students whose majors fall within the College of Arts and Sciences are required to attend twelve approved Cultural Events Experiences with at least two events from each of the following categories: Art, Film, Music, Theatre, and Literature/World Cultures.

  1. How many CEE’s can I attend a school year?

Although students are encouraged to attend as many events as they would like, students will only receive credit for up to four events per academic year.

  1. How do I get credit for an event?

When arriving to an event, locate the Cultural Events Experience banner in the lobby to assure that your event will count for CEE credit. After the event has ended, students will need to go back to the CEE banner and will be asked event sponsors to present their Event Pass to be scanned out for credit. Students will be able to check if they have obtained credit by checking their Degree Audit on Bearweb within 48 hours of an event. If you don't see the credit reflecting on your degree audit instantly, please be patient as it may take up to a week for the credit to appear.

*Please note if at any time during an event a student is found being disruptive, they will be asked by an event sponsor to leave and will not receive CEE credit for the event.

  1. What If I attended an event but I did not receive credit for it?

Credit should appear on your account within 48 hours. If an event you have attended is not reflecting on your degree audit, you have 7 days to dispute the problem. Please contact us for additional support and within that email explain which event you attended and the time the event occurred. In the meantime, check the calendar for another event! A missed opportunity may result in an enjoyable experience.

*Please note that students will not receive multiple credits for attending the same event that occurs across multiple dates. 

  1. Can I receive credit for a CEE event that I am participating in?

No. Students are encouraged to seek out other events and opportunities that they are not involved in to help cultivate patronage of the arts.

  1. As a transfer student, how many events do I need to attend to graduate?

Transfer students entering Baylor with 30 hours will need to attend 10 events. Transfer students with 60 hours will need to attend 6 events. This does not apply to incoming freshmen bringing in hours from high school. 

  1. Do I need to pay to see a CEE event?

There will be a range of CEE events available for students in all categories each semester. Some will be offered for free, but some will require a ticket purchase. Events that are ticketed are generally more costly for the sponsoring department to produce. You can find out which events require a ticket purchase by checking an event’s details on BaylorConnect.

  1. I got tickets to see an event outside of Baylor's campus. Can this event count as CEE credit?

CEE credit will only be given to approved events sponsored by a Baylor faculty member. All fine arts events can be valuable, but the CEE program promotes engaging in the fine arts within the Baylor community. 

  1. What makes an event eligible to receive CEE credit?

CEE’s are predetermined by the CEE committee and will be approved in the areas of Art, Music, Theatre, Film, and Literature/World Cultures.

  1. Where can I find a list of CEE events?

For a list of upcoming events, please check BaylorConnect and look for events labeled with a CEE marking. You may RSVP to specific events through BaylorConnect for updates and reminders about upcoming events!

For additional questions or concerns regarding CEE events, please contact cee@baylor.edu.

For questions about CEEs related to your degree requirements, call CASA at 254-710-1524.

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