Late Start Intensive Courses (LSITs)

What are LSITs?

LSITs are intensive courses that begin around mid-term and end at the same time as the regular fall or spring semester. These are core curriculum courses offered through the College of Arts & Sciences. They are much faster-paced than courses offered in the traditional fall and spring semesters, with a feel much like that of courses offered in Summer School.  The modality for LSITs is online asynchronous. 

Should I consider taking a LSIT?

To be successful in a LSIT, you must be highly disciplined, organized, focused, and able to manage for 7 weeks a course that compresses 14 weeks of learning into a short amount of time—while at the same time, effectively managing your traditional 14-week courses. These are not bailout courses.

How does registration work for an LSIT?

Students can register for LSITs (1) during the early registration period and (2) after the last day to register through BearWeb up until the Friday before the LSIT begins on Monday. Students enrolling late are required to meet first with their academic advisor, who will guide you through the next steps to be taken.

This sounds pretty hard. Why would I want to do this?

LSITs can be a great way for students involved heavily in extracurricular activities during the beginning of the semester and can therefore benefit from starting a course late. LSITs can also be helpful in balancing your schedule in case you have to drop a course. Or, if you get into your regular schedule for the semester and want something more challenging, these could be a good choice.

What LSITs are available for fall?





CRN 47211

ENG 1310.61

Nicole Kenley


CRN 47212

ENG 2310.54

Maura Jortner


CRN 46671

HIS 1300.36

Lauren Poor


CRN 46699

JOU 1303.03

Matthew Brammer


CRN 44623

PHI 1306.09

Burke Rea


CRN 46779

PHY 1455.02

Barbara Castanheira Endl


CRN 46840

REL 1310.42

Lidija Novakovic


CRN 45959

THEA 1306.15

Sam Henderson


What do I need to do to get started?

Talk to your academic advisor. He or she can provide guidance to see if an LSIT is a good fit for you.