Welcome Transfers


  1. Complete the New Student Advising Questionnaire and determine if you are required to take a placement exam. While on your goBaylor account, verify that your major, minor and degree is listed correctly. If not listed correctly, contact your Admissions counselor.
  2. Submit your Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination documentation.

  3. Activate your Baylor email and set up your Duo account.

  4. Submit coursework taken at another College well before your academic advising appointment. Check the Equivalent Course Tool to see how the courses you've taken will transfer into Baylor University.

  5. Watch the College of Arts & Sciences Advising video (above) prior to scheduling your advising appointment. Your College of Arts and Science academic advisor will send an email to your Baylor email account with instructions on scheduling your academic advising appointment and registering for Summer/Fall courses.

  6. Once you have been advised, confirm your attendance to Baylor University and pay your charges by the required due date so that you are not charged late fees.