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Exercises for choosing a major

The following exercises are designed to help you as you consider issues of vocation and calling, and as you work towards declaring a major.

  • Make an appointment with the Office of Career and Professional Development.

  • Consider enrolling in the "Identifying Potential Careers" section of EDP 1101.

  • Read the "Questions to consider when choosing a major." Choose two or three questions and write a reflective response.

  • Meet with an influential person in your life (friend, family member, teacher, pastor, etc.) and talk about issues of vocation, calling, and choosing a major.

  • Meet with someone in a career you are considering. Perhaps you can shadow him/her for a day and learn more about the profession.

  • Write about five things that are important to you. Do these values relate to or impact what you want to study or do for a career?

  • Read through the course catalog and note which majors might be of interest to you.

  • Choose majors that might be of interest to you and research those majors. View departmental websites for these majors, compare MAPs, talk to professors within the major, explore what you can do with each particular major, view occupational information about the potential career, and consider meeting with the Office of Career and Professional Development.

  • View the "Resources for undecided students" web page.