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  • ENGLISH 1304 - If you will have 60 hours or more at the end of this semester and you were advised to take ENG 1304, you MUST register for ENG 1304, Section 69 (CRN 25077). This is the only section designated for Juniors & Seniors exclusively.
  • Degree Audits are easy to access and important to review each semester to ensure you are on track for graduation. If you are interested in a different major, you can now view and print a "What If" audit by following the same steps as accessing your audit.
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  • Closed Class and Prerequisite Overrides are not issued through CASA and are solely at the discretion of the department. If you must register for a course that is closed or you have been advised to take a course requiring a prerequisite that you do not have, contact that department prior to registration. The department will need your student ID # and section # of the course if they choose to issue the override.
  • Ensure that you are ready to register for classes. - Most all freshman and sophomores students, in the College of Arts & Sciences, are required to meet with an academic or departmental advisor before being cleared to register for the following semester's courses. Only completed hours, not hours currently in progress, are used to determine a student's classification. Confirm that all transfer or test credits, if applicable, are showing on your degree audit as this could affect your registration date and assigned advising.

    Holds - Check now to see if you have any holds that would prevent registration. If you do have registration holds, contact the office listed under "originator" to resolve the hold.

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    Early Registration occurs each fall (November) and spring (April). Follow this link to see the Early Registration Schedule and to find when your scheduled day and time to register will be.