Required Advising for Spring 2023

CASA advisors are dedicated to providing students with the highest quality of advising available, which includes informing students of the risks of not following the recommended list of classes advised for each semester. We urge you to make arrangements to proceed with your CASA required advising in order to prevent problems when it comes to early registration. Delaying your advising appointment could jeopardize your opportunity to be advised before your early registration date.

NOTE: If you are feeling sick (COVID or otherwise) on the day of your appointment, please let your advisor know so we can make appropriate accommodations.

All CASA services are available during normal office hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday.

Verify that your major is listed correctly as you will only be advised
for the major listed at time of scheduling.

SCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS: Before early registration begins, you will be limited to one 30-minute appointment in order to serve the needs of all students. Please be selective of your appointment time, not to schedule too close to your class or work time. To make the most of your 30-minute appointment, prioritize your questions before hand. Advisors will not have the luxury of extending appointments beyond the allotted 30 minutes since other students will be scheduled.

– Log into (using the Chrome browser only)
– Select the invitation at the top of the home screen.
– Choose the date and time that works for you.

NO AVAILABLE APPOINTMENTS: You will not be able to see days and times that conflict with your current schedule. Additional appointments are open every Wednesday morning. If you notice there are no available appointments, wait until the following Wednesday and more appointments will be added or watch for cancellations.

CANCELLING YOUR APPOINTMENT: Appointments are usually booked 3 weeks out. Reconsider if you need to miss or cancel your appointment as it can be difficult to reschedule quickly.

– Log into
– Select the Calendar tab at the top of the home screen and find your appointment.
– Open the appointment and select "Cancel My Attendance". After you do this, you will be able to reschedule your appointment.
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