Important Alert

Special Notice on COVID-19 and advising appointments: CASA is continuing to conduct face-to-face meetings with students. You may still email your advisor as normal with questions and they will respond to those concerns. In the event you have a scheduled advising appointment and you are feeling sick (COVID or otherwise) on the day of your appointment, please let your advisor know prior to your meeting so they can make appropriate accommodations to help you retain your advising appointment.

All CASA services are available during normal office hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday. If you have general questions before your scheduled advising appointment, please feel free to email your assigned CASA advisor.

Below are some helpful links that can answer many of your questions. For more information on:

Welcome to CASA

CASA - College of Arts and Sciences Advisement

College of Arts and Sciences Advisement (CASA) is an advising house that offers academic advising for undergraduates and which provides resources and institutional coordination for departmental and program advisors. CASA is dedicated to offering professional academic expertise within a scholarly community of creativity, hospitality, and care.

In addition to meeting with an advisor, CASA is a place where you can explore your interests and sense of purpose while making informed decisions about the various majors, minors, and degree plans in the College of Arts and Sciences.