Professor Heidi Hornik works with Viennese Auction House to Authenticate Painting by Italian Artist Michele Tosini

November 11, 2019
  • "Saint Mary Magdalene" | oil on panel | 88 x 70.4 cm | by Michele Tosini | Authenticated by Dr. Heidi Hornik
  • Dr. Heidi Hornik in front of the Dorotheum Auction House in Vienna.
Dr. Heidi Hornik, Professor of Italian Renaissance Art History, recently consulted with Nicolas Horsch at the Dorotheum in Vienna regarding the attribution of a painting to Florentine Mannerist artist, Michele Tosini (1503-1577).

Tosini has been the subject of Hornik’s research for over 30 years. For her scholarly assessment published online and in the Dorotheum publication, please click here.
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