Sean DeLouche, PhD

Art History: 19th Century Art
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Introduction to Art & 19th Century Art History

Dr. Sean DeLouche received BA degrees in History and Art History from the University of California, Davis and his MA and PhD in Nineteenth-Century Art History from The Ohio State University. Dr. DeLouche’s research interests include Romanticism, portraiture, reception theory, and theories of identity. He studies how the unprecedented proliferation of portraiture in various media as well as the expansion of celebrity culture in early-nineteenth-century France both registered and contributed to a new and specifically modern notion of the self based on perceptions and representations. He has presented at numerous academic conferences and his research has garnered awards including the Presidential Fellowship and the Samuel H. Kress History of Art Travel Fellowship. Dr. DeLouche has conducted extensive primary research of nineteenth-century critical and theoretical texts in the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris as well as first-hand study of portraits in French archives and museums. The experience greatly impacted his research and teaching, and he is committed to providing his students with the same life-changing opportunity to learn before works of art whenever possible.

After teaching at Ohio State for seven years, Dr. DeLouche joined Baylor University in 2015. He teaches the introduction to art and advanced art history courses on nineteenth-century European and American art. He also leads Allbritton Art Institute field study courses that allow students to study great works of art in America and Europe.

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