Baylor Art Graduates

Graduates in Art and Art History find success and fulfillment in every walk of life. The value of an education in Art & Art History is reflected in the range of jobs our students get, the quality of the graduate programs and professional schools they enter, and the rewarding careers they build. Here, we follow our alumni as they contribute to society in significant and thoughtful ways.

Josh Martin | Graphic Design

"I chose to major in the arts because I saw it as an amazing challenge. In other things that I have studied, I’ve found that there are usually singular correct answers to problems. When it comes to art and other creative fields, there is an infinite amount of solutions that work for any given problem. It really comes down to the artist’s voice when conveying and idea and that really excites me."

"I chose Baylor simply because it felt most like home to me. Everyone I met while touring here was so kind and caring that I knew it would help me become the person I am today. At Baylor I was not just a student who gets a degree and moves on. I’m a person who is taught how to make a difference beyond the classroom and who is given the tools to do it." After being a finalist in the 2018 Imaginations Competition with Walt Disney Imagineering, Josh is now working with the Environmental Design and Engineering Department at Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale, CA. Josh's Website


Erica Thorpe | Photography

"I love that Baylor gave me individualized attention as well as the freedom to explore so many different topics with my art. It can be very easy once you graduate to feel like you're stuck in a box but I truly attribute my innovative thinking to my experiences in the art department at Baylor. I'm so thankful that the art program requires you to take a class in nearly every medium and extensive courses in art history as well."

"After graduation I knew I needed a big change, so I took a leap and moved to New York. I am working as an image editor at Christie's Auction House here in the city. My role is to color match and retouch images for their auction catalogs and online sales, which can include everything from Edo era paintings and Greek antiquities to works by Monet or Rauschenberg. I get to spend extensive amounts of time with each piece of property and work alongside specialists in the respective art departments, so it's almost like working in a museum where you can touch everything and learn all about the backstory of each piece. I also have a few freelance clients in the luxury goods and fashion world that I assist with art direction + content strategy, which is more business oriented and a really fun challenge. " Erica's Website


Ray Im | Photography, Ceramics, Fabric Design

Ray Im came to Baylor with no art background. However, in just a few years, he developed his unique skills in photography, ceramics, and fabric design. Making full use of the resources available at Baylor Art, Ray realized the possibility to be a full-time artist.

While at Baylor, Ray focused on three things; photography was his concentration, but he spent time in both the ceramic and fabric design studios. He became very comfortable using different materials, technologies, and work which helped him build his unique style and stand out from other candidates while applying to graduate programs.  

Ray is now a graduate student at Cranbrook Academy of Art, one of the top-ranked, graduate-only programs in the world. Ray says, “Baylor taught me that what other people do is not important, what is important is what I am creating and what I can do with my ideas.”

Cade Kegerreis | Studio Art

Cade Kegerreis started his career at Baylor as a Photography Major and switched to a degree in Studio Art. Cade says of his Baylor Art experience "Baylor honed my art skills greatly and taught me how to think as an artist. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly one thing, but overall my learning experience impacted me greatly."

Cade is currently working at Galleywinter Gallery in Fort Worth as a Resident Artist and assistant manager, as well as staying busy in Waco with mural work and selling Waco Skyline shirts. Cade's Website

Cade was recently featured in an issue of the Wacoan Magazine. Read the article

Listen to an Interview with Cade (starts at 11:05)



Amy Welch | Art History and Archaeology

Art History student Amy Welch availed herself to many of the unique opportunities available to Baylor Art students, including spending a summer in Israel on an archaeological dig that unearthed stunning mosaics. After Amy graduated in 2014 she went on to teach in charter schools in Phoenix and San Antonio.

In the fall of 2016 she enrolled in the University of Missouri’s MA program in Archaeology and Art History. Welch completed her MA at Mizzou in 2018 and is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Art History, Criticism, and Conservation at the University of Indiana. We look forward to seeing what Amy does next!

Jackson Perry | Art History and Classics

Jackson Perry took classes in Ancient Art History throughout his time at Baylor which shaped his work for the rest of his studies. He attended one season at the Huqoq excavation in Israel. Currently he is working on a Classics Masters Program at the University of Kentucky and plans to get a PhD in either Classics or Ancient Art & Archaeology to continue research between these two fields. “Baylor gave me the flexibility that allowed me to specialize early on and experiment with different focuses. The Art Department itself provided classes in areas that would otherwise have been unavailable. This gave me the chance to find a field I wanted to work in and learn to incorporate my other classes into it while learning the ropes for my current and future scholarship.”

Katie Hooker Lombardo | Art History

Katie Hooker recently completed her Master's Degree in Art History at the University of Texas in Austin. She wrote her thesis on Michelangelo's evolving calligraphy and the importance of personal script for self-presentation and identity creation during the Renaissance.

Katie brings her love of art and cultural heritage to her current role as Director of Operations for Curated Touring, a specialized travel company that conducts carefully curated tours in various European locations. She is fascinated by the language of art and architecture, and how different pieces, places, and spaces have communicated viscerally to viewers, both historic and contemporary. She credits Baylor’s Art History program for giving her a firm foundation towards pursuing a rich, unique, and interesting career.