About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Department of Art and Art History at Baylor University.

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“Talent is produced in solitude, character in the stream of life.” Goethe

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have all been experiencing more life in solitude. As the 2020-2021 academic year begins, we are slowly able to come back into a larger world and share so many of our talents that have been limited to our family and closest friends for the last six months. We are all being asked to continue building character as we re-enter the stream of life - safely and healthfully. It is still very unchartered territory but our faculty is prepared to teach!

The Department of Art and Art History offers students the finest undergraduate education with an exceptional faculty, formative curriculum, and outstanding facilities. Our professors have been preparing during the summer to teach in a variety of formats to accommodate new and returning students, on and off campus. Whether you’ve chosen face-to-face, synchronous online, asynchronous online, or hybrid classes, each of your studio art and art history professors are ready to help you engage with the content in an exciting and creative manner. Our faculty remain committed to helping you develop the foundational skills, knowledge, and work ethic necessary to pursue a rewarding career in the visual arts or art history.

In the numerous art history offerings and in the multiple studio disciplines, you will develop the ability to think critically, to master core principles, and to distinguish yourself in a variety of visual and academic fields. Those of you who choose to pursue advanced study within studio art or art history will be thoroughly grounded within your chosen discipline and prepared to enter highly competitive and nationally-recognized graduate programs.

The department offers a BA in both Art History and Studio Art, and the BFA in Studio Art, the professional undergraduate degree, with separate concentrations in each of seven studios. There are minors available in both studio and art history.

We have adjusted our plans this year for internationally-known artists and speakers to not only add to the diversity of educational opportunities but to occur interactively online. You will be able to converse with, and question, scholars and professional artists who are living all over the world via the exceptional technology provided by Baylor.

This is a time for all of our staff to be innovative and expand their curricular visions beyond the physical classroom, studio, or museum space. We have a stimulating schedule of exhibits in the Department's Martin Museum of Art that will be available online. These exhibitions will be incorporated into many departmental courses as well. The Allbritton Art Institute, part of the Department of Art and Art History, continues to promote the comprehensive study of art and artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and has adjusted its programming in those areas of interest.

Join us by sharing your talents and building your character with our caring, productive, and dedicated faculty in an environment that fosters personal attention, allows small classes, and results in a quality undergraduate education.

Come to Baylor and join us in the Department of Art and Art History!

Heidi J. Hornik, Ph.D.

Interim Department Chair and Professor of Art History