America's Premier Collegiate-Level Leadership Course


  • 5, 4, 3, or 2 year scholarship which cover full tuition and fees for virtually any academic major and, in some cases, also offer upper graduate degrees scholarships.
  • $1200 per year for books.
  • Cash stipend in the amount of $300 per month for freshmen, $350 for sophomores, $450 for juniors, and $500 for seniors.
  • Army ROTC also offers special scholarship opportunities to ALL qualified nursing students, which include special incentives, such as a stethoscope, assistance with the purchase of scrubs and other degree- related equipment, and provision of funding for the Kaplan Review for the NCLEX in addition to paying for full tuition.


  • Freshmen entering BU can try Army ROTC for up to 2 years with no obligation, whatsoever prior to accepting a scholarship.
  • The ROTC program requires roughly 5-7 hours per week at the freshman level. This includes:
    1. hour classroom lecture and a training lab. Both are elective credit courses that count toward the student's GPA.
    2. physical training sessions per week, each lasting 1 hour.

BU Army ROTC offers physical training 5 different times during the week, in order to accommodate the academic schedules of its participants. It is important to note that students in ROTC begin at many different levels of physical fitness. Therefore, no one should feel that he/she might not be capable of completing the physical requirements of ROTC. Our physical training program is designed to assist students at all levels of physical fitness in achieving the Army Physical Fitness Standards.


  • Students electing to try ROTC will learn leadership, time management, discipline, human relations, military history, customs and courtesies, as well as physical fitness.
  • BU's Corps of Cadets is a new organization hosted by TCU in which it will grow into a cadet battalion that prides itself on the caliber of students it attracts.

Army ROTC at BU is designed and structured with the cadet in mind. Our program is dedicated to the success of our cadets, both in and out of the classroom. Academics remain our priority and we strive to provide our cadets every opportunity to succeed in the classroom. Additionally, we provide ample opportunity during the academic year for our students to maximize their college experiences by allowing time for other activities, besides Army ROTC.


Upon completing 4 years of Army ROTC and graduation from BU, students have the opportunity to enter the United States Army in the rank of second lieutenant. Starting salary for a second lieutenant is in excess of $38,000 per year. Other benefits include 30 days per year of paid vacation, free medical, dental, and vision coverage for each lieutenant and his/her immediate family, $400,000 of Service Members Group Life Insurance, and any moving expenses associated with travel to the duty station. Active duty and Reserve service members may also participate in the Government Thrift Savings Program, which is a retirement plan, much like the traditional 401(k) offered by many civilian employers. Upon completion of 20 years of active federal service, one is eligible to retire with full pension and benefits.

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