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Cadet Life

Army ROTC 1

Baylor Bear Cadets watch a class on how to conduct a STX lane. The cadets look on as the MSIV do a mock STX lanes explaining each step. Some are preparing to lead STX lanes the following weeks and take notes. 13SEPT2012.

rotc 2

Following PT, Baylor Bear Cadets conduct a moment of silence in rememberance of 9/11. The Honor Guard prepares the colors followed by the Star Spangled Banner. The rest of the cadets present arms. 11SEPT2012.

rotc 3

Cadet Rangel conducts a map recon in order to help prepare Squad Leader Cadet Nu´┐Żez for a successful squad attack. Cadet Rangel must find distance and direction of movement as well as terrain analysis to find the best route to attack. 20SEPT2012.

rotc 4

Cadet Moulden serving as Squad Leader, actively listens in order to prepare his OPORD while Cadet Litchfield serves as Recorder and prepares to set up Cadet Moulden's Terrain Model Kit. The rest of the squad take 360 security. 27SEPT2012.

rotc 5

Cadet Covarrubias, Cadet Mosleh, Cadet Edon and Cadet Stevick dine and enjoy Meals Ready to Eat known as MREs during a lunch break at Fort Hood’s ROTC JFTX March 2009.

rotc 6

Baylor ROTC Cadets are receiving a Tactical Operations Order for their Vehicle Convoy Leadership exercise at Fort Hood’s Battle Simulation Center.

rotc 7

Baylor ROTC Cadets are receiving operating instruction on Fort Hood’s Battle Simulation Center, where cadets where divided into four groups of four and assigned to the military’s digital version of the up armored (Humvee), a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWHV) to conduct tactical vehicle convoy leadership reaction drills.

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