Simultaneous Membership Program

1. The Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)/SMP is a volunteer officer training program designed to increase the number of ROTC officers available for Reserve Forces Duty. It allows simultaneous enrollment and participation in the ROTC Advanced Course (Military Science (MS) III and IV) or MS II level of military instruction and enlistment in the Reserve Components (RC). It provides the future officer with leadership and RC unit experience.

2.  By definition, the SMP Cadet is a reserve officer trainee assigned to an RC Troop Program Unit (TPU), while simultaneously participating as a contracted Cadet in the ROTC Advanced Course or MS II level of military instruction taught at a university or college.

3. Enlisted members of the Army National Guard (ARNG) or U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) cannot be contracted into the ROTC Advanced Course or MS II until they have elected to participate in either the SMP or be discharged from the TPU. At this time, they must reenlist in the USAR Control Group (ROTC).

4. Enlisted members of the ARNG or USAR must be discharged from TPU to accept regular campus based ROTC scholarships that can access Active Duty (AD) and reenlist in the ROTC control group.  They must have their scholarship converted to ARNG or USAR before they can participate in the SMP.   

5. For an ROTC Cadet to become a participant in the SMP, an individual must:

  • Be fully contracted as non-scholarship in the ROTC Advanced Course or contracted as an MS II Cadet or be fully contracted on a Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarship (GRFD). This includes Green to Gold non-scholarship students.
  • Be eligible for enlistment in or already assigned to, an ARNG or USAR unit as an officer trainee and have completed an SMP agreement.

6. ROTC Cadets/participants not eligible to participate in the SMP program.

  • Cadets contract on an Army ROTC AD scholarship. They must request conversion of any regular Army ROTC Scholarship to a GRFD Scholarship before they can participate in the SMP. 
  • Green to Gold scholarship recipients. They are not authorized to convert their scholarships to GRFD scholarships.
  • Green to Gold Active Duty Option participants. These participants have not been discharged and are still on active duty; therefore, ineligible to SMP.
  • Cadets accessed AD. 
  • Nurse Majors are allowed to participate on a limited number. 

7. The SMP Program provides:

  •  An opportunity to gain both a commission as a Second Lieutenant and a college degree.
  • Hands-on management and leadership training.
  • Up to 100% Tuition Assistance.
  • ROTC Stipend (up to $500.00/mo) as a contracted Cadet.
  • Drill pay as a Sergeant (E-5).
  • Additional pay for Annual training/ROTC Training.
  • Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) and 'Kicker' (under scholarship, eligibility to receive these funds differs between Dedicated ARNG Scholarships and GRFD-ARNG or GRFD-USAR Scholarships).
    • Dedicated ARNG Scholarship – May NOT collect Chapter 1606 SR MGIB or Kicker benefits, or collect Chapter 1607 SR MGIB (Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP)) . If the individual paid into the Chapter 30 MGIB, then the individual is eligible for Chapter 30 MGIB.
    • GRFD-ARNG/USAR Scholarship - Eligible for Chapter 1606 SR MGIB and Kicker benefits, and eligible for Chapter 1607 SR MGIB REAP. If the individual paid into the Chapter 30 MGIB, then the individual is eligible for Chapter 30 MGIB.
  • h. An opportunity to win a 2- to 3-year Reserve Forces Duty Scholarship
  • An Opportunity to volunteer for training in Airborne, Air Assault, Northern or Mountain Warfare Training.

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