Student Experiences

"My experience in Mendoza challenged me beyond my expectations, and I loved every minute of it. I created lifelong contacts with people from around the globe as well as all over the Americas. I now identify with Argentine and Latin American culture in a very personal way. The two months I spent in Mendoza and other regions of the country directly influenced my decision to study Latin Amrican literature and culture as my life-long vocation."
-Lila McDowell

Mendoza gate (w x h, 0 KB)
Gates of Mendoza

"Studying in Argentina offers students a chance to experience a unique culture and take Spanish class in a comforting environment. Where else can you take siestas, eat as much as you want, and drink mate? Living in Argentina and making friends across the world expands a person's perspective about the world we live in."
-Ray Lopez

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Cerro Aconcagua

"My experience studying abroad in Argentina was one of the most intense and rewarding educational opportunities afforded to me while in college. My host family and professors were all incredibly welcoming, patient and engaging. Argentina is a beautiful country that offers culturally unique and varied experiences which will be remembered for a lifetime."
-Thomas Starnes

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Iguazú Falls

"The best decision I made in college was to spend a semester in Mendoza, Argentina. I have never regretted that decision and have often wished to re-live those six months of my life. I have returned twice to Mendoza. My host family was amazing and I consider them part of my real family. I traveled, at times alone and at times with others, to Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Córdoba, and Comodoro Rivadavia. My spoken Spanish improved ten-fold. I remember the moment I was in a theater watching an Argentine film, laughing out loud when it dawned on me: I understand and there are no subtitles! Immersion is the only way to fully understand a language for more than the spoken words- through words, facial expressions, and gestures you begin to understand the culture that is behind the language. Mendoza is an easy city to travel on foot, the bus system is user-friendly, there are plenty of day-trips to be taken, and strangers are friendly. The Universidad de Cuyo is excellent, well respected in Argentina, and fun. Flexibility, adaptability, independence and a willingness to try new things and make mistakes are the only things needed for a positive experience."
-Amanda Marvin

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La Casa Rosada - The Presidencial Palace