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Mendoza, the fourth largest city in Argentina, is located in western Argentina near the Chilean border. The city sits on the eastern edge of the Andean front range. The population in Greater Mendoza (the city) is one million. The province of Mendoza contains about a million and a half residents. The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, which has 12 million residents lies 820 miles east of Mendoza.

Classes will be held in conjunction with the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, a large public university of about 20,000 students. Most of the students come from Mendoza or surrounding provinces. Students register for six hours of credit from UNC and six hours of independent study credit with professors from Baylor University (work done in Mendoza under the supervision of Baylor professors).

Dr. Joan E. Supplee, The Ralph L. and Bessie Mae Lynn Professor of History is the program supervisor. She has traveled extensively throughout Latin America and spent over two years in residence in Mendoza. Dr. Melisa Dracos, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, also leads study abroad groups to Argentina. Dr. Dracos has had extensive experience in Argentina and in Peru.

Dr. Joan Supplee                                                         Dr. Melisa Dracos
Tidwell, Rm 310                                                          Carroll Science, Rm. 407
PO Box 97306                                                             P.O. Box 97406
Waco, TX 76798-7306                                                 Waco, Texas 76798-7406
254.710.6294                                                             254.710.4895

Students have the option of traveling within Argentina and to neighboring Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Students have also gone to Brazil and Peru during their semesters in Argentina.

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All students are required to enroll in AHP insurance through CIE.

Students must also acquire an international student identification card. The card is available online at  or from agency near you (call 1-800-4040 to locate the agency).


Although immunizations are not required when traveling through most regions in Argentina, students are encouraged to contact their physician or public health department for up-to-date recommendations.