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Translation Work

From Arabic into English

Gerasimus, Kitāb al-Kāfī Fī al-Maʽnā al-Shāfī (The Complete Book of the Healing Meaning) (2008)

Abu Aubaydah Al-maqdesi America and the media warfare fabricating death: The death of Al-zarqawi (2009)

From Syriac into English 

The Legend of Monk Bahira, (Translation of Mardin Syriac Manuscripts 259/2) 2006

From English into Arabic

David P. Kuske, Luther's Catechism, an Exposition for Children and Adult Written in Contemporary English, Northwestern Publishing House, Mikwaukee, Wisconsin 1998. (2012) (Translation with an introduction in Arabic about Luther and Lutheranism and the Christian theological terms used to explain Christian faith) NPH will publish the Arabic Translation.

Nora Lozano, Good News for Women, Global Women, Birmingham, AL 2007. (2010)

Laurence L. White,   Life with God, Houston, Texas 1995. (2007) 

Sister Magdalene, Children in the Church Today, St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, Crestwood,  New York 1991. (2002)