About the Lab

We are an academic research team. We study (mostly) inland freshwaters: rivers, streams, wetlands, lakes, and reservoirs.

Our research program spans a wide range of topics. We are very interdisciplinary! We are particularly interested in the availability of three essential building blocks of life: phosphorus, nitrogen, and carbon. We design field studies and perform experiments to help understand how altering levels of these elements in isolation and coupled with potential contaminants may cause detrimental and even irreversible damage to ecosystems in which we rely on for water, food, and recreation. Along the way, we make discoveries that contribute to our "textbook" understanding of our planet. In academic terms, we span the boundary of basic and applied science.

Please peruse our website. It is designed to describe type of projects in which we've been actively engaged, provide a point of reference to the peer-reviewed publications resulting from those projects, and showcase the incredible people who have made and continue to make science happen. We hope you're here because you're investigating the lab for graduate school, a postdoc, or general interest in the people and our work. No matter the reason, we're glad you're reading this and encourage you to contact us if you wish to learn more about aquatic research at Baylor. We look forward to hearing from you!

Group photo of students and faculty at Mountain Fork Creek Falls Katherine Hooker, Stephen Elser, Morgan Bettcher, Dr. Jeff Back, and Caleb Robbins at Mountain Fork Creek falls, northwest Arkansas, summer 2015. King was the photographer, which is why he rarely appears in photos.