Colleen M. Zori, PhD

Colleen M. Zori, PhD
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Colleen Zori’s research addresses the interdependence of political and economic change in past societies, using archaeological data to investigate how changes in political organization relate to shifts in technology, the organization of craft production, and interregional exchange. She has conducted extensive archaeological fieldwork in the Andes of South America, particularly Peru and Chile, investigating how local economies were transformed by incorporation into the Inka empire. She has published widely on both the technical and social aspects of Andean metallurgy.

Dr. Zori is currently carrying out comparative archaeological fieldwork in Italy. She is a co-director of the San Giuliano Archaeological Research Project, a Baylor study abroad program that provides undergraduates an opportunity to engage in primary research. At San Giuliano, she oversees the excavation of a medieval castle complex, investigating how ceramic production and trade in non-local glass wares provide insights into the dynamic political landscape of medieval Italy.


Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles, 2011   

M.A. in Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles, 2004   

B.A. in Human Biology, Stanford University, 2000   

Recent Publications

Urbina, S., Uribe, M., Agüero, C., and C. Zori. 2019. De provincia inca a repartimiento: Tarapacá en los siglos XV y XVI (Andes Centro Sur).  Estudios Atacameños 61:219-252.

Zori, C. 2019. Extracting Insights from Prehistoric Andean Metallurgy: Political Organization, Interregional Connections, and Ritual Meanings.  Journal of Archaeological Research,

Zori, C. 2018. Symbolizing Imperial Affiliation in Death: Case Studies from the Inka Empire (AD 1400-1532).  In Routledge Handbook of Death and the Afterlife, edited by C. Cann, pp. 43-59. Routledge; New York.

Zori, D., Zori, C., Baker, L., Ikeshoji-Orlati, V., Livingston, C., Foulton, D., and Wilken, D. 2018. From Etruscan Urban Center to Medieval Fortified Village: San Giuliano Archaeological Research Project. Antiquity project gallery PG2017120.

Zori, C. 2018. Inka Mining and Metal Production Strategies.  In The Oxford Handbook of the Inca, A. Covey and S. Alconini (eds), pp. 375-393.  Oxford University Press, Oxford. 

Zori, D., C. Zori, L. Baker, V. Ikeshoji-Orlati, and A. Smith. 2017. San Giuliano Archaeological Research Project: Investigating Long-Term Change from Etruscan Urban Center to High Medieval Fortified Village in Lazio, Italy. Temporis Signa XI: 1-20.

Zori, C. and E. Brant. 2017. Casting a Wide Net: A Social Network Analysis of Inka Roads in the Coastal Valleys of Northern Chile.  In Nuevas tendencias en el estudio de los caminos [New Trends in the Study of Roads], edited by S. Chacaltana, E. Arkush and G. Marcone.  Ministerio de Cultura, Lima, pp. 72-99.

Zori, C. E. Brant, and M. Uribe Rodríguez. 2017. Empires as Social Networks: Roads, Connectedness, and the Inka Incorporation of Northern Chile.  Ñawpa Pacha 37 (1): 1-23.