Jim Huggins, M.F.S.

Lecturer of Forensic Science

M.F.S., Forensic Science Administration, Oklahoma State University, 2008
B.S., Biology, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, 1981

Major Area of Research
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Shooting Incident Reconstruction, and Crime Scene Reconstruction and Identifying the remains of Undocumented Border Crossers

Current Courses
  FORS 1390 Survey of Forensic Science
  FORS 2357 Crime Scene Investigation
  FORS 3310 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  FORS 3320 Trace Evidence
  FORS 3330 Impression Evidence
  FORS 3340 Expert Witness Testimony
  FORS 3350 White Collar Crime
  FORS 3360 Forensic Firearms Examination
FORS 3370 Medicolegal Death Investigation
FORS 3380 Advanced Forensic Investigations
  ANT 4V17 Research Methods in Biological Anthropology
FORS 4V50 Independent Topics in Forenic Science
ANT 4V87 Honors Thesis
HON 3101 Advanced Readings and Research

I retired from the Texas Rangers and the Department of Public Safety after serving for 29 years. During my tenure I also held positions as Highway Patrol Trooper and Criminal Investigative Sergeant. I have been accepted in state court as an expert witness in bloodstain pattern analysis, death investigation, and shooting incident reconstruction. I have obtained certifications as Master Peace Officer, Police Instructor, Forensic Polygraph Examiner, Forensic Hypnotist, Special Investigator, and Hostage Negotiator. I serve as Deputy Director of the International Consortium for Forensic Identification and am the Founder of Lone Star Forensic Associates, Inc. I have presented training workshops and lectures on sexual assault and family violence, serial death investigation, interview and interrogation, forensic hypnosis, shooting incident reconstruction, DNA and biological evidence collection, and bloodstain pattern analysis. In addition to Baylor University, I have taught courses at Sam Houston State University, East Texas Baptist University, the University of Northern Colorado, and Missouri Western State University, as well as conducted courses and seminars in conjunction with the Southern Institute for Forensic Science.

Named one of Top 15 CSI Professors, 2014
Mortar Board Circle of Achievement Award, 2017 National Honor Society for College Seniors