Katie M. Binetti, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer of Anthropology
Undergraduate Program Director

Ph.D. Anthropology, Yale University, 2011
M.Phil., Anthropology, Yale University, 2003
B.A., Anthropology & History, University of California, Los Angeles, 2000

Major Area of Research
Neogene hominid paleontology and paleoecology, mammalian paleocommunities, faunal analysis and vertebrate taphonomy, East Africa

Current Courses
  ANT 1305 Introduction to Anthropology
  ANT 1404 Introduction to Human Evolution
  ANT 2304 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
  ANT/FORS 3331 Human Osteology
  ANT 4335 The Human Fossil Record
  ANT 4365 Primate Behavior

I am a biological anthropologist with a primary focus on the earliest human ancestors and their associated paleoenvironments. My primary research goal is to contextualize early human evolution through faunal based paleoenvironmental analysis. To this end, I conduct paleontological field work in central Kenya at several ~4.5 million year old sites where some of the oldest fossil human remains have been recovered. My field work focuses on recovering and identifying animal remains that can be used to determine which environment(s) were predominant during early human occupation of the sites. The ultimate goal is to better understand which environments the earliest human ancestors lived in, what resources might have been available in those environments, and how early humans might have utilized those resources. This research provides a foundation for understanding how humans have changed through time and space resulting in the diverse and complex organisms that we are today.

Selected Publications