Forensic Society

The Baylor Forensic Society provides community service to local law enforcement agencies and provides student members with training and hands-on experience in forensic studies.

Students from any major may participate. The Society has bi-weekly meetings during the school year and usually plans two or three larger events every semester. Recent events include: assistance in local missing person searches, firearm use training, life-size, live CLUE game, mock crime scenes, murder mystery parties, practice at the gun range, video photo demonstrations and practicing various forensic techniques in preparation for a career in forensic science.

President - Emma Lee
Vice President - Brandi Ebbs
Secretary - RJ Hinojosa
Treasurer - Kendall Pratt
Historian - Lukas Patterson
Public Relations - Gordon McCormack
Public Relations - Phil Paik
Faculty Advisor - Sgt. Jim Huggins.

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