B.S. Degree in Anthropology

Requirements for a major in Anthropology:

A minimum of thirty-six semester hours including the following:
  • ANT 2304, 2305, and 2307
  • ANT/FORS 3331
  • A minimum of three semester hours from each of the following:
    • Physical: ANT 4314, 4316, 4335, 4355, 4365 (for general anthropology concentration)
    • Archaeology: ANT 2401, 3307, 4340, 4348, and 4380
    • Cultural: ANT 3320, 4305, 4306, 4311, 4321, 4325, 4330, and 4362
  • Six semester hours from ANT 4680, 4V15, 4V16, 4V17 (summer field work or original research)
  • For students pursuing a degree in General Anthropology: An additional nine semester hours from any 3000 or 4000 level courses in ANT and/or ARC.
  • For students pursuing a concentration in Forensic Anthropology: ANT 4355, ANT4358/FORS 4359 and one upper level FORS course and one upper level ANT course.
Required courses in other fields:
  • Eight semester hours: BIO 1305-1105 or BIO 1405, 1306-1106, or BIO 1406
  • At least six semester hours from: BIO 2306-2106, 3422, 3429; CHE 1300-1100, 1301-1100, 1301-1101, 1302-1102; GEO 1405, 1406, 3344, 4485, 4487; PHY 1408, 1409, 1420, and 1430
  • MTH 1321 and STA 2381
  • REL 4395 or PHI 4310
  • For those students pursuing the General Anthropology degree: An additional 14 hours of courses in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Geology, Physics, Psychology, Mathematics, Neuroscience, and Statistics. All courses selected must apply to a major in the respective department.
  • For those students pursuing the Concentration in Forensic Anthropology: A minimum of 6 semester hours from the following list: PHY 3380, BIO 4306, 4106, CHE 3361, ENV 4344. An additional 8 hours of courses in the science listed above and mathematics.
For students pursuing the general BS in Anthropology degree, this major will prepare you for graduate studies with sufficient training in the basic areas of anthropology. It is suggested that the student take additional courses in related social, biological and behavioral sciences. Research shows that students with a degree in Anthropology have higher acceptance rates to medical school than students with a degree in Biology or Chemistry.

For students pursuing the BS degree with a concentration in Forensic Anthropology, this degree provides basic training in physical anthropology as well as an introduction to the subfield of forensic anthropology. Students will have the background to pursue graduate training in physical anthropology with an emphasis in forensic anthropology if they so choose. For students interested in pursuing a career in the forensic science field, it is recommended that s/he also complete the Minor in Forensic Science.