What Can I Do with This Degree?

Anthropology students choose an undergraduate focus in one of the five subfields of the discipline:
• Cultural Anthropology • Archaeology • Biological Anthropology
• Linguistic Anthropology • Applied Anthropology
The subfield in which the student specializes can influence their ultimate career field.

Regardless of subfield, Anthropologists are in demand in many fields given their:
•Expertise in domestic and international field research with
both small groups and large populations

•Global perspective in the approach to problem solving
•Dedication to the appreciation of and the respect for cultural differences

Today, students with degrees in anthropology are sought after for jobs in government, non-profit organizations, and the private sectors. The majority work outside university settings. The ability to advance beyond entry-level positions in most of these settings is contingent on graduate level education.

Most undergraduate majors in anthropology do not become professional anthropologists, but instead earn graduate degrees and work in related fields. Undergraduate majors in anthropology are also highly sought by Business and Law Schools due to the expertise mentioned above. Anthropology majors have a documented higher acceptance rate into Medical schools than peers who major in Biology or Chemistry!

Teaching Primary and Secondary BA/BS
Community college MA
University MA/Ph.D.

Support Staff BA/BS
Policy Analyst MA/Ph.D.
Administration MA/Ph.D.
Cultural Resources Management (Archaeology BA)
National Park Service (All Levels)