Alumni-Elected Regents Process

In June 2016, Baylor welcomed the first Alumni-elected Regents to service on the Board. Alumni-elected Regents serve 3-year terms; however, the 2016 appointees were installed with 1-, 2- and 3-year terms to allow the election process to commence. The process outlined on this site governs the annual nomination, review, and selection of Alumni-elected Regents. As Alumni-elected Regents complete their terms, the graduates of Baylor University will elect or re-elect Alumni-elected Regents following the timeline below:

October - November Nominations accepted via nomination form (or via submission through official University advisory groups)
December - March Nominee submissions reviewed and candidates selected
April Public announcement of final candidates and their credentials for service
Early May Baylor graduates vote in the election of Alumni-elected Regents
June 1 Public announcement of election results and Alumni-elected Regents begin service

In the 2021-22 election cycle, nominees will be accepted for one Alumni-elected Regent seat. Three candidates will be selected from the nominees. The candidate with the largest number of alumni votes will be selected as Alumni-elected Regent.

Qualifications and Eligibility

All graduates who are committed Christians, active members of a Baptist church or local church from a historic Christian tradition are eligible to be nominated with some exceptions. Candidates for alumni-elected regent must meet a number of additional qualifications, complete an application and agree to abide by election rules. For a complete list of qualifications of Alumni-elected Regents and limitations to who may serve in this role, please see the Procedures for Elections of Alumni-Elected Regents and Qualifications for Alumni-Elected Regents.


Nominees for Alumni-elected Regent may be nominated by the various advisory and advocacy boards and groups associated with Baylor University. Also, any alumnus who submits a nomination supported by the signatures of at least 50 other Baylor graduates will also be considered by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee is composed of two Alumni-elected Regents and two other Regents. The Nomination Form includes space for required information about the nominator and nominee as well as space for signatures. Nominations should be submitted to the Office of the Board Professional, One Bear Place #97096, Waco, TX 76798-7096, or, no later than November 30.

Campaigning and Voting

Alumni-Elected Regent candidates will not run on platforms but on their accomplishments. Others are asked to refrain from campaigning activities on their behalf. Baylor is not permitted to endorse or oppose any candidate. The President of Baylor and members of the President’s Executive Council are not permitted to participate in funding, endorsing or opposing any candidate. Baylor will utilize Baylor Magazine, the Baylor website and social media to introduce candidates to alumni.

All recipients of a Baylor undergraduate or graduate degree are eligible to vote in the election. However, the University must have a current mailing address. The best way to make sure we have your current mailing address is to utilize the Alumni Update Form.

Please see the Rules Governing Elections for Alumni-Elected Regents for additional information.

Contact Information

The Alumni-elected Regent process is overseen by the Office of the Board Professional at Baylor University. For questions, contact Board Professional, One Bear Place #97096, Waco, TX 76798-7096, (254) 710-3109,