Rules Governing Elections for Alumni-Elected Regents

The following rules are intended to ensure fairness and an independent election process designed to effectuate alumni choice.

  1. Alumni-Elected Regent candidates will not run on platforms but on their accomplishments and experiences and their interest in serving Baylor.
  2. Baylor is not permitted to endorse or oppose any candidate, or use or provide funds, resources, contact or mailing lists, or other aide or assistance in support of, or in opposition to any candidate unless all candidates are afforded the same advantages.
  3. The President of Baylor and the members of the President’s Executive Council are not permitted to participate in funding, endorsing or opposing any candidate.
  4. All of the candidates will be eminently qualified to serve as an Alumni-Elected Regent. Profiles will be written to present comparable information about each candidate. These profiles will be approved by the candidates and included with the ballot material. Candidates will agree to refrain from campaigning. Friends of candidates will also be requested to refrain from campaigning on behalf of any of the candidates.
  5. Baylor will utilize Baylor Magazine, the Baylor website and social media channels to introduce candidates to alumni.
  6. Baylor will retain a third-party firm to monitor and conduct Alumni Elected-Regent elections in accordance with these procedures. All recipients of a Baylor undergraduate or graduate degree are eligible to vote in the election.