Heritage Club

Heritage Club

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A Continuing Legacy...

The Baylor University Heritage Club was established in 1977 as a way to honor Baylor alumni who attended Baylor fifty years ago or more. All alumni are eligible, even if you did not graduate from Baylor.

Members are honored with a Heritage Club celebration held on campus each spring. Much like a Homecoming designed especially for older graduates, it includes interesting programs, campus tours, and lots of opportunities for fellowship. The highlight of the two-day event is a special presentation of "Golden Anniversary" diplomas or certificates to the fifty-year class, followed by a gala banquet that evening where "Diamond Anniversary" diplomas or certificates are presented to members of the seventy-five year class. Make plans to attend Baylor Heritage Club as a new member or return to enjoy other opportunities to fellowship with classmates, friends, and perhaps make new friends within the Baylor family.

The 43rd annual Baylor Heritage Club meeting will take place April 15-16, 2019.

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For more information about the Heritage Club, please e-mail Baylor Alumni Programs.