Legacy Program

Legacy Program

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Legacy Program

Connecting generations of the Baylor Family

Your alma mater wants to help you fling your green-and-gold closer to home. The Baylor Legacy Program provides a spirit-building tie with the university for the children and grandchildren of Baylor alumni.


Children who meet the following criteria are eligible for enrollment in the Legacy Program: 

  • Must be of birth through 14 years of age
  • Must be a child or grandchild of Baylor alumni
  • Must be a U.S. resident, international submissions are unable to be processed at this time
Upon Enrollment

Once enrolled for a membership fee of $100 per child, children will receive an age appropriate welcome gift. As children age additional gifts will be provided for fifth, tenth and fourteenth birthdays. Birthday cards will be mailed on all other birthdays through age fourteen.

Once your child reaches the age of fourteen, Baylor Admissions will begin the recruiting process for those enrolled in the program. If accepted to Baylor, Legacy Program members may apply to the Baylor Alumni Network Scholarship Fund. The scholarship is funded in part by the program's one time membership fee of $100 per child.

All alumni, parents and friends are welcome to support the scholarship by giving to the Baylor Alumni Network Legacy Scholarship Fund here.

To Enroll

Complete our online form, below. Please note, at this time we are unable to process international submissions.

Has your information changed?

Please email us should your contact information or mailing address change. Contact Baylor Alumni Programs at BaylorAlumniPrograms@baylor.edu with any updated information to ensure delivery of program benefits.