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Thinking Ahead to Prepare for Finals

April 11, 2019
Baylor Parents,

Finals are coming May 8-13, and with them are sure to be some stressful moments for your student! Motivation can be challenging this time of year because of the activities on campus and Easter break. Since your student came back from Spring Break, the pace of academia has returned to normal. But, with a Spring schedule that includes days off and Easter break, students will not have a full week of classes until the week before finals. It’s easy for a student to procrastinate.


Baylor Academic Support Programs in the Paul L. Foster Success Center offers numerous resources to help students develop a plan for navigating the end of the semester. From effective time management to study tips, we want to help students navigate their tests.

Your student can take advantage of the following resources before Finals:

Preparing for Finals workshops: April 29 through May 2, from 1pm to 4pm. Preparing for Finals workshops will be held in the Academic Support Programs Learning Lab located in the west wing basement of Sid Richardson in room #021. During these workshops, your student will receive help on how to make a Finals study schedule, organize the materials needed for the Finals, and receive effective studying techniques.

The Learning Lab: Don’t want to wait for the workshops? Your student can come to the Learning Lab now. We can help plan for the rest of the semester and last round of tests and work on the Finals Packet with your student.

Finals Packet: Maybe your student doesn’t need the extra individual help, but could benefit from the Finals Packet. That’s fine too. The packet is available online. If your student runs into any problems, he or she can always come to us for help.

Academic Support Programs offers academic assistance such as free tutoring, academic mentoring, workshops and instruction, Supplemental Instruction (SI), academic counseling, and the Learning Lab to all Baylor students. These resources are free and available throughout the year. We are located in the west wing basement of Sid Richardson and are happy to help students build a successful academic strategy. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Trish Baum, Program Manager for Resources
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