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4 Ways the University Writing Center Can Help Your Student

March 26, 2019
For most students, the blank page can be a little intimidating. Maybe you can recall the feeling: you’ve received a writing assignment—an essay, research paper or technical report—and have a general idea of what you need to do, but…now what?

Baylor’s University Writing Center (UWC) is here to help. From its new location on the second floor of Moody Library, the expanded UWC is a resource to help students become more effective, confident writers.

“We give students power that they can take with them and use in the future,” Dr. Kara Poe Alexander, UWC Director, says. “We want them to leave here with excellent writing skills. Through one-on-one consultations, we take the time to tackle challenges at any stage in the writing process.”

Here are four ways the University Writing Center can help your student.

1. Long-term writing skills: Students who visit UWC will find it’s not an editing service. It’s a resource to help students improve their overall writing skills through one-on-one consultations. “We take the time to teach,” Alexander says. “We emphasize learning and helping them leave here as better writers beyond the paper they bring.”

2. Holistic help: Students can visit UWC at any stage of the writing process—from brainstorming to research to help with a specific area, such as an introduction or conclusion. If there’s a specific part of the writing process that a student hopes to work through, UWC tutors can provide him or her with tips and ideas to not only improve that paper, but all papers—including professional and business writing, graduate and professional school applications, personal statements, cover letters, résumés and more.

3. Specialized tutoring: UWC has long employed graduate consultants receiving their Master’s or PhD in English as tutors. That remains a UWC staple, but this year, they’ve added specially-selected undergraduate student tutors in areas such as business, psychology, science and more to better serve students with writing needs in a wider range of disciplines.

4. Increased availability: The move to the second floor of Moody Library provides UWC with a four-fold increase in tutoring space. In addition to increased availability and easier student access, UWC also offers online consultations for students away from campus.

While many universities limit student writing center access to one visit per month, Baylor offers two consultations per week if the student desires. While students can simply walk-in and ask for an appointment, setting an appointment online ensures availability at a specific time.

“Moody Library is a center of knowledge, of understanding, which makes it a perfect fit for us,” Alexander says. “We’re here for all students and are excited to be able to grow and expand to help students problem-solve, think critically and improve their writing skills.”
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