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How Baylor Helps Students Find On-Campus Jobs

November 13, 2018
Julie Veselka, Director of Student Employment in Baylor’s Human Resources Department, shares the choices students have for finding job opportunities at Baylor in this post to Baylor family members.

Baylor students work hard—in their classes, in service organizations and, for many, in their jobs. Students benefit from employment while on campus in many ways—they receive real-world experience, financial resources and skill development that are valuable in launching them into the next phase of life after school.

Baylor Human Resources (HR) Department assists students in finding employment opportunities while they’re here. Is your student interested in finding an on-campus job or off-campus employment? Baylor HR offers numerous ways to help.

For current students, finding a job starts with JobX, which is found on the front page of the student employment website. JobX is the online platform Baylor students use to find job opportunities for on-campus employment. Through JobX, students can find two different types of employment:

1. On-campus student employment: Students can find on-campus jobs by accessing the Handshake employer page and scrolling down to the sidebar for student login. There, they can click the link to the on-campus job board. Students benefit from on-campus jobs through real-world experience and connections that can benefit them after graduation.

2. On-campus Internships: Internships are a very effective opportunity to connect your academic experience with real-world experience. Internships also help students gain a competitive edge in the workplace and provide them with opportunities for skill development, mentoring, connections increased marketability and more.

There’s no way to convey the breadth of employment opportunities and career development resources in one post. For off-campus opportunities, encourage your student to login to his or her Handshake account through Baylor’s Office of Career & Professional Development, look for jobs or internships and create a profile to get the ball rolling. It’s never too early to begin the search. Learn more about Baylor through our website and social media accounts or feel free to contact us with questions.
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