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Getting the Classes Your Student Needs: 4 Tips for Advisement

October 15, 2018
Author Bob Shipp, associate director for University Advisement, serves Baylor students in his role as an academic advisor. Here, he shares tips for students to make the most of academic advising to get the classes they need and chart their own course for success.


We are half way through our fall semester. Soon, it will time for Homecoming with its bonfire, tailgating, and Pigskin! It is also almost time to register for Spring classes. Our students are quite focused on midterms and coursework, and rightly so. One task they may or may not have already tackled is visiting with their academic advisor. This is an important part of getting ready for registration and should be an important and valued part of each student’s academic experience. Here are four tips about the advising process


To participate in early registration, your student must first visit with his or her advisor. Once students have been advised, they can register for classes they need. The sooner, they are advised and register, the better the likelihood they get their preferred class schedule.

If your student has not yet been advised, now is the time. Early in the semester, students received an email from their advisor with instructions on how to make an appointment. They can also find this information in BearWeb under the advisement tab.

The early registration window opens in just over two weeks—this semester, it begins on Wednesday, October 31.


Once they have an appointment scheduled, what do students need to do to prepare? One of the most important things to do before students meet with an advisor is to think about the path ahead. Make sure the academic information in BearWeb is correct. Is the major and degree what they plan to complete? Are there any classes the student really wants to include in the future? A study abroad opportunity? Internship? Are they considering summer courses? Some of these may be still just thoughts, but just thinking about these topics starts the process and conversation with his or her advisor.

Does your student plan to double major or add a minor? We want to discuss their plans and see how the planned academics may or may not affect their time to graduation. We can help the students navigate the intricacies of the minor or major to help make an informed decision.


How do students find their advisor? Right now, each student can access their BearWeb account to find the contact information for their advisor. Using that email link, students can email their advisor for more information on scheduling an appointment.

Advisors care about your student’s path at Baylor, and not just academically. One of the most underutilized aspects of the advising relationship, perhaps, is having a person who is there when you have no idea where you should go for help. If the advisor is not the person, we can help get you to the right person. The incredible Christian community that is Baylor allows the faculty, staff, and students to create a caring network ready to help with every need.


Finally, there are two key dates approaching that may be of importance to you and your student and for which advisors will play a key role.

The first key date is the last day to drop a class –Tuesday, October 30. As students consider dropping a course, they will need to meet with an advisor and get a signature to approve the drop. We will discuss the repeat policy and any ramifications concerning the decision to drop. If dropping a class is a consideration, the earlier a student talks with his or her advisor, the better.

The second is the date and time the students can begin registering Spring 2018 courses. Again, early registration opens October 31. Students’ registration dates are based on completed and in-progress hours and will be posted in their BearWeb account. Students will want to be sure all holds are cleared before their appointed date so they can register for advised courses.

As you plan, we are happy to answer any questions you or your student may have. Feel free to contact us at 254-710-7280 or at
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