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Global Learning: Baylor Study Abroad Opportunities

November 14, 2017
Author Bo White is the Director of Study Abroad in Baylor’s Center for Global Engagement.

Baylor University strives to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service. This is a part of Baylor’s very mission statement. A tangible, experiential way to live this out as a Baylor student is to strongly consider participating in the international education opportunities offered all over the world.


The Study Abroad program within Baylor’s Center for Global Engagement stewards over 50 international relationships and collaborates with Baylor faculty to provide over 100 program options for students to truly explore what it means to be a worldwide leader in training. Thanks to relationships and mobility agreements with some of the top 100 Universities in the world, Baylor students can truly consider getting some of their course credit in another culture.


One of the distinct aspects of Baylor’s Study Abroad program is faculty involvement. Around 75% of all Baylor students who study abroad do so on faculty-led programs. This means that Baylor students are traveling around the world with professors, a particular Baylor emphasis that accomplishes two things directly connected to our mission: Baylor faculty are serving as guides and mentors to students who are experiencing a new culture for the first time. Baylor faculty are then bringing these international experiences back to campus to share with other students. Over 50 faculty annually help lead either short term study abroad or short terms missions. Through this, we hope to continue to build an international citizenship that encourages students to care deeply about the whole world.


Current research shows over and again that the ability to work within a diverse environment and the ability to think critically, yet compassionately in a globally-connected culture are almost required skills for the workplace in the 21st century. With offerings that range from two weeks to two semesters, spending time in Europe, Asia or Latin America before finalizing a resume’ or vitae for that dream job should be on every Baylor student’s radar.


Nationwide, 10% of all students who attend college, study abroad. This means that those who take seriously the opportunity to study in another culture are among a group of leaders already. And Baylor’s mission to be a top tier research institution grounded in a Christian community makes crossing borders all the more important. Our study abroad team truly sees these programs and international opportunities as a direct extension of the mission and as a concrete way to stand out from the crowd.

If your student would like to learn more, we would love to talk to him or her about available opportunities. Our study abroad team holds weekly information sessions and students can come in at 4 pm every Monday and Tuesday to learn next steps, and we are happy to answer other questions students may have away from these sessions as well. Contact Baylor CGE to learn more.
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