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What Is "Parents In Prayer?"

October 17, 2017
Last month, at a Baylor Parents Network volunteer appreciation dinner, Baylor President Linda Livingstone told parents in attendance that night, “Thank you for all you do for Baylor…the most important thing you can do is pray.”

Each month, in cities across the nation, Baylor parents come together to pray—for their students and their grades, needs, friendships, futures, callings, jobs, decisions and more. They also pray for the campus, for guidance and wisdom for Baylor professors, administrators and staff. These meetings are called Parents In Prayer, and they take place at 45 Baylor Parents Network Chapters nationwide.

Regular attendees say Parents In Prayer is a short time commitment (about an hour each month) that reaps important benefits—answered prayers, friendships and the joy of coming together to pray for students during these important years. Here are a few reasons Parents In Prayer attendees say they encourage other parents to attend.

Supporting Students and Each Other

Toni Kercher, Houston-Area, Kingwood Chapter: “I feel that parents bond with each other during the time at Parents In Prayer. They are able to share concerns and feel supported in a small group atmosphere. It helps ease the transition of their students being away from home, and I feel that parents feel comfort in knowing their students are at a Christian University that offers groups to support them through their Baylor journey.”

Bridging the Gap to Campus

Helen Rodriguez, Los Angeles Area Chapter: “Praying not only connects us with God, but it also connects us with each other. We can comfort and encourage one another, especially in the context of having our kids away, and in all the transitions students and parents go through. I think that Parents In Prayer reflects the heart and culture of Baylor. In this community, relationships are strengthened as parents (and grandparents) give and receive spiritual support to one another.”

“God Glimpses”

Holly Ramsey, Chicago Area Chapter: “Here is one very specific, encouraging story: last year, we took turns going around the circle, giving updates and voicing prayer requests. One mom requested prayer for her son, who was reaching out to other students who may have challenges. Her son was going to be meeting that week with a freshman who was discouraged, struggling and wondering if Baylor was his place. She asked us to pray for a specific day and time that her son had arranged the meeting. The very next mom in the circle then said, with tears in her eyes, ‘I think that is my son your son is meeting.’ And indeed it was. Neither mom knew the other beforehand and the sons did not know each other prior to Baylor. It is phenomenally encouraging to catch these ‘God glimpses’ into how the ordinary can be a divine appointment.” 

Easy Time Commitment

Ramsey: “It’s not a huge commitment. We know how busy parents are, and we work to make the time together count. We come together with a purpose each month, and even for someone like me who is an introvert, it’s a community that doesn’t require much of you, but gives you so much.”

If you’d like to learn more about Parents In Prayer, start by seeing if there is a chapter in your area. You can connect with local chapter officials, or contact the main Parents Network office in Waco with questions. If you would like to start Parents In Prayer in your area, the Parents Network would love to hear from you—Director Gail Offringa can explain the many ways the Parents Network supports volunteers in the process of growing events and chapters in your area.
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