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Celebrating Success - May 2013

An extraordinary call to the Baylor community began with a brand new president whose attention was turned toward those who matter most™ the students.

Upon his inauguration as Baylor University's fourteenth president, Judge Ken Starr first turned to the Baylor student body to ask how he could serve them. In a survey, they overwhelmingly indicated concern over the rising cost of higher education. President Starr's response was swift, and within days of taking the reins of the University in 2010, he launched "How Extraordinary the Stories: The President's Scholarship Initiative."

This effort became a top priority with an ambitious goal of raising $100 million for student scholarships at Baylor in just three years.

It would take a great effort to see the vision realized, but Baylor Nation responded faithfully and frequently over the course of the initiative, and now, Baylor is proud to announce that the goal has been reached and exceeded!

More than 11,000 donors throughout the Baylor community contributed, resulting in over $100 million raised, 190 new endowed scholarships established and 5,135 people motivated to make their first-ever gift to Baylor.

Celebrating Baylor Parents

Baylor Parents are a dedicated group. So it is no surprise that among the initiative's supporters, parents are well represented with their combined giving making up almost a quarter of the total raised. More than 2,700 Baylor parents--including 888 Baylor alumni--played an essential role in reaching the goal by contributing a combined $22.5 million in scholarship support. Thank you, Baylor Parents!

The Call Continues...

The benefits of scholarship support are clear to those who have witnessed the Baylor experience in action in their own life, and especially for those who have seen it in the life of their child. Even as the University celebrates this incredible milestone, the need for scholarships will continue with each incoming class.

Please consider how you may continue to go above and beyond as a Baylor parent by supporting scholarships, as you are able, and join Baylor Nation in celebrating the extraordinary impact these gifts will have for generations to come.

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