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Baylor Parent Engagement

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Parents in Prayer Requests And Praises

Prayers for our daughter to finish her senior year strong and  the professors are engaging and responsive in the e-learning environment. Praying she remains safe and healthy in Waco. Also hoping and praying we can see our daughter’s graduation ceremony in August. 

Please pray for my freshman bear to be able to finish this semester strong, having focus and prioritizing his studies at this time. Thank you! 

Prayers for all Baylor students whose lives drastically changed in almost the blinking of an eye. That they would be reminded of our need to lean into God in good times and difficult times. That they would use this time wisely and continue to strengthen their relationship with God and those they find themselves near. That they would be able to turn this negative into a positive, that they be able to be Lights in this often times dark world.  Pray that they continue to learn from their professors and maintain strong bonds with them and the friends that had already become like family.  Prayers for their health, both physical, mental & spiritual. Amen.

Pray for family members of students who have had new diagnoses or change in health. Pray for students to feel comfort and peace, even if they are far from home. Pray for doctors and family members to have wisdom and peace in this time of uncertainty.

Pray for students seeking friendship and community. Pray they find fellowship with other students seeking to grow in their faith. Pray that students would be an encouragement to others. 

Pray for those struggling with finances and the potential loss of scholarships due to academic performance. Help the students to persevere and maintain perspective through this season, and strength to do their best and maintain eligibility.

Pray for students who have yet come to faith in Jesus Christ. Pray that Baylor and her people would be witnesses to those students who are lost and their hearts would be opened and softened to the good news of the gospel. 

Pray for all our students as they head into finals season. For some, it is their last round of finals and need extra energy and focus to make it to the finish line. Others, this is their first round of collegiate level finals, and they need peace and comfort as their anxieties might be overwhelming them. Still others might need encouragement as they are in the middle of their journey. Give all of our students focus and peace. Pray they all maintain healthy perspective about success and failure, and always are led to reach out if they need help.

Pray for students feeling lonely. Pray that they realize that no one develops deep friendships quickly, and so many students are still feeling uncertain about their social circles. Pray that they are discerning in the friends they make and how they spend their time, and to seek uplifting and encouraging friendships.

Pray for students going through processes to be come Community Leaders, Welcome Week and Orientation Leaders, and Line Camp staff. Help students find their place in leadership on campus. We pray for those that are chosen for the roles take their responsibility seriously, and those who are deferred to know that God has a different plan for their journey. 

Pray for health and healing across campus. Pray students, professors, and staff stay healthy and well, and make good decisions to maintain good health. Pray for those dealing with illnesses and ailments exacerbated by the cold weather. 

Pray for students and families experiencing hardship or uncertain times. Pray for comfort to those who need it, and wisdom to all parties involved. Pray that students will feel comfortable reaching out for help if they need it, and help them know how loved they are. 

Pray for students as they adjust to college life. Pray they would look for things to be grateful and thankful for in their everyday life. Pray for boldness in making new friends and courage in new situation. Pray for grit as they persevere through difficult situations and strength as they learn difficult lessons, as this is how God molds and shapes them.

Pray for students who have lost a loved one this year. Pray that their community would surround them and support them with Christ's love. Pray that they would know peace and comfort as they grieve and heal.

Pray for students and all loved ones who have encountered difficult circumstances caused by others.  Pray that God heals their heart and mind and that they keep their eyes on God.  Ask God to give them the wisdom needed to guide and comfort those who are hurting.  Ask that God give strength to the support systems around these students to walk with them but remain strong for them.  

Pray for students who are struggling because their parents, or other family members, are experiencing broken relationships.  Pray that through the storm, there will be total restoration for all parties, that all things will work together for good, and that wounds and scars from this struggle will be healed.  Help the faculty and staff at Baylor to recognize their struggle and help in walking them through it with God's wisdom. Help the students finish the semester strong regardless of their family circumstances. We lift these families up in prayer.