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Parents in Prayer Requests And Praises

Pray for families who are battling health issues-pray for healing through surgery, strength for loved ones to support all involved, pray for doctors to find the proper diagnosis and a steady hand in surgery. 3/5/19

Please pray for students struggling to pass difficult class. Pray that the Holy Spirit would bring all things to mind during tests, that they would have tenacity and perseverance, and courage to ask for help when they need it. 2/5/2019

Pray for a family who is in a financial struggle. Pray for God's wisdom and provision in this hard time. 2/3/2019

Pray for a student struggling with depression and anxiety. We ask for God's comfort and strength for her to overome this situation so that she might suceed at Baylor. 1/23/19

Prayers for our son playing on the Baylor Rugby Team. He received an injury last year and continues to play and hang out with the guys on the team. The team is our sons core group of friends. We’re asking for prayers for his safety, health, and discernment. 1/23/19

Please pray for students going through rush and pledging this semester. Pray that they have discernment and feel welcomed by their peers. Pray that they know God's plan is sovereign and they trust that whatever happens is within his will. Pray that they have fun and find times of rest during what can be a stressful week. 1/7/19

That God will use our child's current doubts and questions about our evangelical faith to grow in him a powerfully alive, secure, and mature saving faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord that is entirely his own, not merely what we and others have taught him, and which will root the entire trajectory of his life in the Truth, in following Jesus, and in seeking God's Kingdom purposes for him. 12/20/18

Pray for a student who was in a car accident and will be facing many months of rehab. Pray for peace and healing. Pray for God's provision for her family as they support her. Pray for doctor's wisdom and patience as she heals. 12/1/18

Please pray for a student in the process of applying to OT school. Pray that God directs his path and opens the doors he desires him to walk through. 12/3/18

Pray for the entire student body of pre-nursing students to allow God to remove any stress from their time while preparing for finals and for each student to pass all of their exams. This is also an emotional time for families who love ones are no longer with us. Pray for God’s love and compassion to be with the families. 12/2/18

Please pray for students, parents and families who have loved ones who are ill or that have passed away.  Pray that God will give them strength, guidance and comfort as they walk through this journey.  11/28/18

Pray that all of our students and families have fruitful time together on Christmas break as the students complete finals, head home for rest and rejuvenation, and gear up for the spring semester. 12/28/18

Please pray for students dealing with mental illness, anxiety, depression, and stress. Pray that they would seek the help they need, accept the support around them, and find healing. 11/13/2018

Please pray for all of our hosts, students and Baylor family who are dealing with ailing family members and loved ones. 11/2/18

Please pray for a student who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Pray for doctor's wisdom, peace, patience and hope in her recovery, and for God to provide for her and her family. 10/22/18

Pray for all the students that have lost parents, siblings, family, and friends this semester. Pray that they feel the comfort of the Holy Spirit with them each day.

Please pray for the sibling of one of our students who was in a biking accident. Pray for doctor's wisdom, swift healing, and peaceful recovery. 8/30/18

Please pray for healing and comfort for a student involved in a car accident while returning to Baylor. 8/17/18

As we bow our heads and give thanks for this beautiful day, may be also be grateful for this opportunity to support our daughter and her roommate. Thank you for lifting them up in love and light. Let god go before them and show them the way each day. 8/24/18

Pray for a student needing direction and guidance in her studies and that she would serve her classmates as an advocate. 8/23/18

We pray that the Lord will help provide a support system for our son and continue to guide him towards his goals. 8/7/18

That God will enlighten my young son and that He will be assured in his path that God has placed him in. That his freshman year at Baylor will be great and the peace of God will saturate him. 7/3/18