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Parents in Prayer Requests And Praises

Pray for students and all loved ones who have encountered difficult circumstances caused by others.  Pray that God heals their heart and mind and that they keep their eyes on God.  Ask God to give them the wisdom needed to guide and comfort those who are hurting.  Ask that God give strength to the support systems around these students to walk with them but remain strong for them.  We thank you for your prayers.  It means so much.  5/6/19

Pray for students who are struggling because their parents, or other family members, are experiencing broken relationships.  Pray that through the storm, there will be total restoration for all parties, that all things will work together for good, and that wounds and scars from this struggle will be healed.  Help the faculty and staff at Baylor to recognize their struggle and help in walking them through it with God's wisdom. Help the students finish the semester strong regardless of their family circumstances. We lift these families up in prayer.  4/28/19

Pray for students struggling with addiction and substance abuse. Pray they will seek out the help and resources they need, and for their families to be and feel supported during this journey. 4/3/2019

Pray for families who are battling health issues-pray for healing through surgery, strength for loved ones to support all involved, pray for doctors to find the proper diagnosis and a steady hand in surgery. 3/5/19

Please pray for students struggling to pass difficult class. Pray that the Holy Spirit would bring all things to mind during tests, that they would have tenacity and perseverance, and courage to ask for help when they need it. 2/5/2019

Pray for a family who is in a financial struggle. Pray for God's wisdom and provision in this hard time. 2/3/2019

Pray for a student struggling with depression and anxiety. We ask for God's comfort and strength for her to overcome this situation so that she might succeed at Baylor. 1/23/19

Prayers for our son playing on the Baylor Rugby Team. He received an injury last year and continues to play and hang out with the guys on the team. The team is our sons core group of friends. We’re asking for prayers for his safety, health, and discernment. 1/23/19

Please pray for students going through rush and pledging this semester. Pray that they have discernment and feel welcomed by their peers. Pray that they know God's plan is sovereign and they trust that whatever happens is within his will. Pray that they have fun and find times of rest during what can be a stressful week. 1/7/19