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Parents in Prayer Requests And Praises

Please pray for a Baylor student who was in a hiking accident this weekend. Pray for swift healing, peace for her and her family, and the ability to finish out the semester confidently. 10/16/17

Please pray for the families in my neighborhood that have lost their homes in the fires. And please ease our daughter's mind while she is far from home so that she does worry. 10/11/17

Praise God that He saw fit to open the door for our son to be at Baylor (freshman); we thank God for his community of friends at Baylor and church and thankful that HE is revealing more and more of Himself to our son in ways that we never imagined. Praying for a breakthrough in couple of classes he's struggling in and a breakthrough toward change in how he manages time and in his approach to learning/studying; praying for clarity and confirmation as to which major the Lord is directing him change to; he's stressed and it's affecting his sleep - Lord break through whatever you see as unhealthy, you call him to a "rich, satisfying life" John 10:10 and "rest" (Matthew 11;28-30), Holy Spirit teach him, counsel him, and keep Him and we pray that he follows - asking, seeking, waiting and taking the steps, one after another. -Ephesians 3:20. 10/11/17

Please pray for a Baylor student who severely injured his arm this week. Pray for swift healing and peace for him and his family. Pray for his ability to finish the semester well. 10/10/17

Please pray for my son that he makes the right choices on his career path. Also for his upcoming week of tests and his health and safety. 10/10/17

Please pray for a Baylor freshman whose brother is deploying at the end of October. Please pray for his safety overseas, the safety of his unit, and his safe return to his family. 10/10/17

Please pray for my senior daughter's spirit, that she will know first that the Lord loves & values her infinitely and has a plan for her; pray that the Lord will move someone to see and affirm her worth; that she will trust the Lord as she interviews for jobs. 10/5/17

Please pray for a family of Baylor alums who lost their eldest son in a car accident this week. 10/1/17

Please pray for my daughter who is a premed student, carrying a heavy load. She's also struggling with her fathers and my divorce. She has gotten some counseling, but not consistently. She's not attending church or involved in a spiritual group. 9/25/17

Our son is loving Baylor. However, he is considering changing his major in a totally different direction. Our prayer request is for him to receive the guidance he needs from the Lord and Baylor in this process. We pray he has a clear mind and follows his heart in this change of direction. 9/23/17

Prayers for my son that he follows up with his medication and personal wellness. 9/20/17

I am praying for peace in our world. Praying for all affected from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Praying for the students whose families were affected by these hurricanes. Praying for all that are overseas and our military. Praying for Baylor University staff and students. Very thankful for the President of Baylor and prayers for her. I am a proud mom of a daughter that attends Baylor. Praying for my daughter that she stays safe and always put God first. She is the first to attend college in my family and I thank the Lord for that. Thankful that our God is an awesome God. God Bless Baylor University and the USA. 9/19/17

My son is a freshman and is having some issues emotionally. Please pray for healing and comfort. Please pray for happiness to return to Him and our family. 9/18/17

Please pray for my freshman son.  His father died 6 months ago.  I had to move, it’s hard being on my own, pray I find a job.  We both need peace- for him, peace about losing his dad, for me, about finding a place to live and a perfect job. 9/18/17

My husband died 6 months ago so please pray for my son and me. He is a freshman this year. Please pray that he does well in school being his first year and pray he has peace about losing his dad. And please pray for me, I recently had to move and it's been very hard not having a husband, no kids with me, no place of my own to live and no job at the moment. Please pray I find peace thru all this, an affordable place to live and the perfect job. Thank you so much. 9/16/17

I am the parent of a Baylor freshman.  Please pray for my mother (grandmother of Baylor student).  In the past month, my father has passed away and my mother has suffered a stroke. Please pray for healing for her stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes problems. All prayers are greatly appreciated. 9/12/17 

Please continue to pray for all those dealing with the devastation left behind from Hurricane Harvey. Pray that those who know God will grow even stronger in their faith and that those who don't will come to know Him. Pray that Christians will be a light during this time in our community and will shine the love of Jesus. Pray for all volunteers and emergency and medical personnel to have the strength and energy to continue the work ahead. Also, please pray for Baylor students who are worried about their families at home and stressed that they can't be with them at this time. 8/30/17